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What can you do with coins you find?

Any of the coin collectors cannot imagine some their coins ending up as a piece of jewelry. But in any case, some people think so, and although there are fewer, there are still old ladies who keep the coins of their ancestors and they even make funds out of them. It’s quite nice that at the 40s or 50s it was very common to wear a pair of silver coins as your accessories. They were made either as collars, necklaces or even earrings.

Whilst mostly this comes from coin collectors I’m noticing more and more people who go out metal detecting to find theirs. I think this is so cool that you’re actually finding the materials yourself for any bracelet you make. My friend Richard sells cheap metal detectors, he actually lent me his old one. I didn’t get much luck personally but I imagine with practice that would be different. For the most part I just buy weird and wonderful things off eBay for mine!

There are still people who do such things, they get coins from the collectors or they find them themselves, which they later turn into jewelry with the equipment they possess. Of course, the value of the coin mostly defines the price of the piece as well. If you find or get a very old coin in good condition, your necklace or any other piece that you are planning to make, will be more valuable, especially amongst vintage jewelry enthusiasts.


Twenty or thirty years ago it was also typical to set a large silver coin and be done with it a keychain. They were typically hard silver coins and the sellers intended to make these pieces as unique as possible by combining different ones or making a long chain with the same valuable coins. Even though the rings of this kind are not very common, they are not impossible to see. People, who dedicate a lot of time to handmade jewelry, tend to move their limits and make new pieces constantly. That is how we can find wide rings with some valuable coin that reminds us of gem significance in other cases.

Again we must be clear: to have a coin in a ring, key ring or the anything alike reduces their numismatic value to zero in the vast majority of cases. So it is only recommended doing more common and poorly conserved parts. On the other hand, if you have one of these from our ancestors, you can save them and expect to find someone who will really value the worth of it. If someone is in love with this kind of jewelry and they really like the pieces you possess or the way you made them, they will not care too much about the price. Passion is the movement in these kinds of jobs and that is what adds the value to these rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and others.

If you love finding unique coins and you like metal detecting, collecting and similar activities, you might as well pay more attention to jewelry making as well. Like mentioned before, this hobby is more like a lifestyle and those who are determinate to have rare coins, live a specific way and  they value things more than just any ordinary person does. They know the important role of the past and they tend to maintain it and not let it get forgotten. This is why they love having jewels that will show everyone else what they like and what they are interested in. You can be the one making unique pieces with just a little bit of will to explore and find the perfect coins and creativity to make jewels out of them.

I really like this style, maybe it's just me?
I really like this style, maybe it’s just me?



Biggest jewelry companies in the world

Maybe you’re kitchen table designs aren’t quite there yet, but I’m always up to date on what the biggest companies are doing so hopefully I can try replicate some of what they’re doing.

This list includes the top 10 brands of luxurious companies of the jewelry world, which have been selected by the Institute of Luxury 500 products with prices around 15.1 million, considering certain aspects as unique superior quality, exclusivity and status social, customer service and this has been the result.

Harry Winston

As the first brand among the most expensive of all, we have Harry Winston whose price is around $ 3,700 for a pair of small diamond earrings.

The firm opened in 1936 in New York and today is present throughout the world and is famous for its stores in New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.


The company was founded by Mario Buccellati who opened the first store in 1919 in Milan. Bucellati is one of the most expensive firms in the world of jewelry, but also of the most prestigious. The perfect harmony of stylistic elements and skills of the jewelers are of paramount importance for this firm.

As for prices, extremely high course and as an example we can say that a brooch shaped petals carved rock crystal, with bright in the center can cost around 4,000 Euros.

Van Cleef and Arpels

Firm founded in the early 20th Century by Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef. Actually, the first of their stores was founded in 1906 from the association between Alfred and his brother and that gives a name to the firm. It is one of the favorite brands of famous. As for the prices, the diamond ring in this firm can cost about 23,000 Euros.


Laurence Graff was passionate about rare gems and following this passion he founded his jewelry in 1960 in London. Today, he is a billionaire and has a worldwide chain.

Special diamonds with jewelry Graff signature stand out as being the most expensive. In fact usually, always they appear in the lists of jewelry with higher prices. A brooch, for example, packed with several karat diamonds can cost 100 million dollars.

Tiffany & Co.

Caring for the forms, fascinating gemstones, and elegance of the details are the secrets of its success. And the prices are no less exquisite. A bracelet with a small diamond in the center can be worth more than 1,500 euros. In some of its stores include something cheaper prices but we do not expect to find anything that does not fall below the three figures.

My personal favorite!




Gerald and Valentin Piaget, grandsons of the founder, registered the Piaget trademark in 1943. Thus, the manufacture of La Côte-aux-Fées begins to make their own creations and developed internationally to become one of the top 10 most luxurious jewelry brands in the world and favorite among the “celebrities”. A watch in this company as can get to cost more than 20.000 Euros because of the high quality of the products.


It was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and today is considered one of the finest companies of jewelry, watches, and accessories on the market. Simple Chopard ring made of gold and diamonds can be worth 1,000 Euros, price quite expensive for most of us, but that is nothing to the celebrities who tend to wear their jewelry.


Cartier is a well-known company worldwide and also stands out for the refinement and luxury jewelry. After taking over the workshop who previously belonged to his master, Louis-François Cartier founded this firm.

Currently, Cartier has stores worldwide, and despite prices that can only afford the luckiest. A ring with diamonds or a pink sapphire can be about 2,000 Euros. It’s another of those brands that cannot miss events like the Oscars, Golden Globes or Emmys.


Another firm that began in the early 20th century was Bulgari, opening its first store in Via Condotti (Rome) in 1905 and founded by the descendants of the Greek silversmith Bulgari Sotirio.

Earrings or a ring of white gold with diamonds can cost between 1,000 and 2,000 Euros although we can find some slightly cheaper pieces.


Mikimoto is perhaps best known for being the company that makes the crowns worn by all elected in the Miss Universe pageant. As these crowns are usually made of diamonds, the brand sneaks among the 10 most expensive jewelry brands worldwide.

They also specialize in pearls they make from its early 1914 when the brand was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto signature. A necklace can cost no more and no less than 10,000 dollars.

Choosing a bracelet to match your outfit

Until a few years ago it was only natural to wear a single bracelet, but from a few seasons ago the trend is to combine several bracelets to cover part of the forearm and add style to your look. Combine bracelets may seem easy but always come to some good tips on how to take them with style: D

The combined bracelets give a more youthful appearance, especially if they are of different materials and colors. They are great both in summer and winter because they serve to finish the touch that we give our look.

The first tip is to separate the bracelets you have as each style: the type of sleeves, which incorporate fabric, braided or fobs, those with crystals, leather, those with pearls, with stones and classic with links.

Once classified, you can combine them in different ways:


  • Using the same material: for example, combine your bracelets are made of leather or using only those silver ones. Use 3 or 4 bracelets of different colors and designs but made with the same material.


  • Using fobs: Combine bracelets have charms. They can be of different materials and colors, but the trinkets and “charms” will give uniformity to the combination.


  • Using related colors: Combine colored bracelets that mix up well with each other, or choosing a specific range of colors. Beyond the design and material, the visual combination you achieve will give a touch uniform and special. For example, green and blue, red bracelets and pink, or black and gray.



  • Using glitter or metallic colors: the suggestion is to mix your crystal bracelets with a range of metallic color, such as gold, copper or silver. Eye, do not mix the metal together, you can choose only one color and mix it with stones and related crystals.


  • Seeking links in common: the idea is to mix your bracelets from a common point, which may be the color, style, design, etc. This way you can make many different combinations while maintaining an attractive and stylish visual unit.


How to combine bracelets with your watch?


Aspects such as the size of the wrist and along the arms influence when choosing a bracelet or watch.


Thin wrist

You should supplement with medium to small so that your wrist does not look even smaller. Combine the color and strong bright shades.

Thick wrist

Do not lean for small accessories, as your arm will look wider. Bracelets and watches prefer large, but without being excessive, not too bulky highlight sizes. Accessories prefer flat, smooth, matte colors.

Short arms

If your arms are rather short and thick, lean bracelets and watches for media sizes and shapes that Stilicho. The fine accessories that create the sensation of verticality are perfect.

Long arms

If you have elongated arms, you can choose wide and bulky bracelets. Even if the accessories are colorful best, as this offset along your arms. Another way to balance the dimensions is placed in a wristband half the arm, so it will seem shorter.

Small hands

Girls small hands and short fingers rather should prefer medium and small volumes both rings and bracelets. Any accessory elongated shapes will do you good.

Big hands

Large, long-fingered hands accessories look good with medium to large sizes. Choose wide bracelets and watches in proportion to the arm and hand.

Creating Your Own Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets are extraordinary activities for growing metalsmiths. Metal making permits you to utilize essential abilities in a few ranges, for example, shaping, toughening, stamping, texturing and wrapping up. Cuffs don’t need to be estimated too correctly so this is an incredible apprentice venture.


  • Sheet prep

Cuffs need to confront a considerable measure of wear and tear on the wrist while holding their unmistakable c-shape. They ought to be made of 22 gauges metal or heavier. Most cuffs are either 20ga or 18ga. You can purchase sheet and slice it to size or buy pre-sliced sleeve spaces to stay away from a considerable measure of sawing or obtaining a costly guillotine shear. Most cuffs are produced using metal of shifting widths that are around 6 creeps in length. Ladies with little wrists might need to abbreviate the 6 inches down to 5.5 or somewhere in the vicinity. Copper is an awesome starter metal on the off chance that you are new to metalsmithing. Metal will be a considerable amount harder to work with.

  • Standing and filling

You will need to saw the corners of a long, level rectangular cuff clear so they are adjusted rather than pointed. Use shears or a saw to make an adjusted edge that will be agreeable on the wrist. At that point use documents and sandpaper to smooth the edges and uproot burrs. Likewise, the sand out of any surface scratches on your metal as of now.

  • Include composition or stamping

You should utilize your surface mallets or outline stamps while your cuff is still flat.



  • Toughen

After texturing and stamping the blank might be solidified so it will be too firm to shape. Strengthen your piece to mollify the metal. Extinguish and pickle after.

  • Structure your metal

Currently, you are prepared to twist the cuff into a wrist trinket shape. It is simplest to utilize an arm ornament mandrel with a rawhide or nylon hammer. With slender gauge metals, you might have the capacity to twist the blank by hand or with a couple of bowing forceps. On the off chance that framing solidifies your metal, you may need to temper again amid this stage.

  • Make it shine

Use cleaning compound or treated fabric to sparkle up your metal and your new cuff is prepared to wear! Good job!

After trying different things with cuff plans, you will be prepared to investigate patched bangles and more mind boggling outline components, for example, bezel container settings, and sawn cut-outs. Mess around with every one of the potential outcomes of this adaptable adornments piece and appreciate the wrist trinket pattern to its fullest.

There are many ways to make metal bracelets. You should be creative and take the time to learn lessons related to this hobby. Afterwards, you could even start selling your bracelet treats, which could make it even more exciting! Start making bracelets that will match your style and wardrobe. This little piece will surely add up to your whole outfit and you will be especially proud because it was you who made it!

Yours probably won't look like this! If it does please give it to me!!!!!
Yours probably won’t look like this! If it does please give it to me!!!!!


How to make your own bracelet?

Have you ever thought about making your own bracelet? You probably did because these attractive pieces of jewelry have become very popular again with the introduction of Pandora and Trollbeads that let you easily add and remove charms, beads and spacers to make a bracelet that is completely unique to you.

There is a wide selection of charms, beads, and spacers for you to choose from, both in jewelry stores and online. Choose among animals, love, heart, purse, car, motto, flower, and charms gemstone. Why not take a look at Amazon today, as they have one of the largest selections of beads, charms, and spacers.

One of the first things you have to decide is what you want your bracelet to look like and what budget you have to spend. If you want to splurge, birthday or a special Christmas gift, choose a gold or sterling silver bracelet link. You can get a complete set of gold or silver charms with your bracelet, or you can build your collection gradually over time. If you are looking for a casual look more colorful, you can choose a leather bracelet or select fibers and colored glass beads or affordable, fun charms.

You can now find packages pearls and colored glass pendants, which are very reasonably priced and they give you plenty of options to mix and match what you wear on your wrist. If you like variety, why not create more of a charm bracelet in different colors, so you can have several more special to go with their different outfits?


How to make a woven bracelet


With the wide variety of designs of bracelets, you can choose the ones you like and customize them as you like. Here is a woven bracelet is very nice on the wrist. For other designs, see how to make a rubber bracelet and how to make a wire bracelet knots. They are perfect for yourself or to give to your friends!



Materials for woven bracelet

Everything you need to make your own fashion bracelet! You can find the materials already at home in jewelry stores or markets. You do not have to spend a lot to have very cute bracelets:

  • Chain
  • Suede pieces or thread colors as you like
  • Closure


When you have the materials needed for your woven bracelet, you can start!

How to make a fashion woven bracelet step by step:

  • Cut pieces of cloth, or what you have, to a little longer than your wrist size.
  • Do the same with the chain.
  • With the first ring of the chain, tie a knot with suede.
  • Chamois passes through all the hoops of the chain, you can use one color for one side and another color on the other side.
  • You can use the chamois in all or every second hoop, it’s your choice!
  • Make another knot to the last hoop to complete the chain.
  • Place the closure to join them